PLEASE NOTE: When adopting a kitten from SHAID, they WILL need to return to SHAID and/or SHAID’s vet a few times for scheduled appointments. These appointments CANNOT be missed! Our kittens are available under our foster program at this age and final adoption paperwork is filed when the animal has been spayed/neutered by our designated vet (usually between the ages of 5-6 months).

PLEASE NOTE: When you see the age of cats on each post, if the cat was a stray… this will be a guesstimate age and not a guarantee it is 100% accurate. Without the background of a stray, it is the best guess by the cat’s teeth and/or a Vet’s opinion.

PLEASE NOTE: There are new cats/kittens added every 2 or 3 weeks, please check back daily for new adoptable pets. We generally post them the evening prior to them becoming available for adoption.

Adopting from SHAID


1. Download and fill one of the forms below. Fill the form to its entirety and email to
2. Ensure the animals name is in the email subject line.
3. Wait for a response requesting your availability for an appointment/meeting.

Kitten: $250
Cat (6 months +): $220
Senior Cat (7 years +): $100
Puppy: $500
Dog (6 months +): $450
Senior Dog (7 years +): $200

Please visit us in person to meet adoptable pets.