Becoming a volunteer is very rewarding, no matter where you decide to volunteer your time. There are many things to do at SHAID each day as well as many fundraisers throughout the year. There are also things to be repaired and upgraded at our small, but wonderful Shelter. If you can give some of your valuable time to help the pets at SHAID, please contact us or visit during regular public hours of 11am to 3pm weekly from Tuesday to Saturday.

The staff at SHAID will be more than happy to show you around, explain what is available for volunteers and provide you with the appropriate paperwork to be completed prior to you becoming a volunteer. Volunteers are required to be 16 years of age or older and able to work independently, or volunteer with a parent who is required to be with you at all times while you volunteer. SHAID needs and welcomes volunteers, they make it possible for SHAID to run smoothly and efficiently as they care for more than 300 pets each year as they wait for their forever families.



Annual dues are $10 per person or you may make a one time Lifetime Member payment of $100.

S.H.A.I.D. Members are our lifeblood and help us to show that there are many like-minded people who support us in our mission of caring for and re-homing companion animals.

You can call us at (902) 543-4849 to purchase a membership over the phone, you can print and mail us your membership form from the above link or

email info@shaidanimalshelter.com to get started today.