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Fostering with shaid

A foster provides temporary care for pet(s) until they are ready for adoption, a commitment of two weeks to over two months, depending on the situation. During this time, the foster will be in contact with SHAID weekly with updates, questions etc. The foster may have to bring the pet(s) back to the shelter for check ups or treatment, and return the pet(s) to SHAID when they are ready for adoption. Although saying farewell to your newly-made friend(s) can be difficult, you now have space to welcome a new foster!

Before applying to foster animals, please read through the types of foster homes we typically need, 

the time commitment and SHAID's requirements to foster:

  • The foster must be over 21 years of age.

  • The fosters pets need to be up to date with their vaccinations.

  • The foster must have a spare room (as small as a bathroom) to isolate the foster cat(s) from other pets.

  • If renting, the foster must have consent from the landlord.

  • The foster needs access to reliable transportation for picking up/dropping off the foster(s) or supplies

3 kittens laying together

fostering neonatal kittens

  • Occasionally SHAID receives abandoned kittens, sometimes only a few days old. 

  • Fosters for neonatal kittens bring these babies into their homes to syringe feed them, weigh them and track their progress to ensure proper growth rates.

  • This foster stay can be a commitment of four to ten weeks depending on the situation.

  • Neo-natal fostering also requires a quiet spot in your home, away from other pets.

  • We will provide formula, syringes and feeding tips, towels and other supplies needed, as well as information and resources to support the foster parent & kittens.

  • This is a very involved type of foster care that requires volunteers that work from home or can bring the kittens to work as they need to be fed every 2-3 hours.

Orange cat laying down

fostering A pregnant cat

  • When a pregnant Queen comes to SHAID, we look for foster homes to provide a safe, quiet spot (a room separate from other pets) for the cat to give birth and raise her kittens.

  • We ask that fosters monitor closely for the birthing process to start and interfere only when/if the mother is not getting along with her kittens. After birth, the foster volunteers oversee the growth and development of the kittens, ensuring the mother is feeding and cleaning all the babies.

  • This is a 2-3 month commitment as we don't know exactly when the Queen will give birth. 

  • Fosters must contact the shelter with updates, concerns, changes in behavior etc. and the cat/kittens will need to be brought into the shelter for vaccinations, check ups if needed, and eventually adoption once they are 8 weeks old.

  • We will provide food, towels/blankets, emergency formula, syringes and feeding tips, and other supplies needed, as well as information and resources.

Please note: SHAID will only contact you when we have someone in need of a foster home!

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